Call for Ambassadors for World Shakuhachi Day 2021

We are almost 200 ambassadors!!!

The potential of the shakuhachi across the world

World Shakuhachi DayWSD2021 

Friday 10.8 [8 October] is World Shakuhachi Day!


Pray for an end to the Corona crisis!
On this day, the sounds of the prayers and wishes of 
shakuhachi players will be heard all over the world.

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We are looking for WSD Ambassadors!

Last year, the theme was Let’s blow away the Corona crisis! 114 ambassadors across the globe helped us spreading the word about playing 108 robuki!

This year, with even stronger enthusiasm than last year, we are going to play 108 robuki again on 10.8, hoping and praying for a complete end to the still unresolved Corona crisis.

We are looking for more people to join us spreading the word out to the world. 

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email with your name and title related to shakuhachi or a mini-message to the email addresses below by the end of August 2021.

If you have already signed up last year, please continue to spread the word as we will keep your name on the list of ambassadors. Please let us know if there are any changes to your information.

The names of the ambassadors will be published in the October issue of the Hogaku Journal and on the internet.

Contact in Japanese: Seian Genshin (

Contact for any other language: Kiku Day (

~ 世界に広まった尺八の魅力と可能性 ~

World Shakuhachi Day(WSD)2021 

108 (は、“ 世界尺八デイ 

コ ロ ナ 禍 の 完 全 終 息 を 願 っ て!

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国内窓口: 清庵 玄心(

海外窓口: キク デイ (

「世界尺八デイ」(WSD2020)ご参加の御礼 World Shakuhachi Day (WSD2020) A heartfelt thank you !


                  明暗42世 清庵玄心



ご参加いただいた皆様、誠にありがとうございました。如何でしたでしょうか? すでに大勢の皆様にご報告をいただきましたが、それぞれに充実した尺八による祈りが出来たようです。その真剣なロ吹きによる祈りによってコロナ禍の終息が早まりますよう願っています。





A heartfelt thank you from the 42nd kansu of Myoanji Temple Seien Genshin

When we published an article in the September issue of Hogaku Journal calling for ambassadors for World Shakuhachi Day on 10.8 (8th October), more than 114 people signed up despite our short notice, crossing not only borders, ryūha, experience (pro, or amateur). I discussed the idea with Kiku Day and together we finalized the plan and I am sure her reach to the shakuhachi world had something to do with it too, however I was very impressed and moved by seeing how many shakuhachi aficionados are out there across the world. We published the names of the 114 ambassadors, who were going to help spreading the word about WSD in the October issue Hogaku Journal. The list of names (that grew) was also published on Social Media. This year on 10.8 we played 108 robuki with the intention of blowing away Covid-19, which causes such misfortune in the world. If I think each ambassador invited 2-3 players to join us, perhaps ro from more than 300 players’ robuki resounded on that day. 

I would like to say a deeply felt thank you to you all! 

How was it to play ro on 10.8?

I believe we contributed solidly to the praying for as early as possible solution and ending of Covid-19. 

Players who contacted us to become ambassadors after the deadline were of course welcome. Your names were included on lists on Social Media and on our website. If you still want your name on the list please contact for Japanese players: Seien Genshin ( and for international players: Kiku Day ( If you want to become an ambassador for next year’s World Shakuhachi Day please contact us if you want to change your title, spelling of names etc. Please look for more information on the website:

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated in World Shakuhachi Day 2020. I feel grateful. 

10月8日は世界尺八デイ/10.8 is World Shakuhachi Day 

Welcome to World Shakuhachi Day!


Everyone in the world who loves shakuhachi is invited to World Shakuhachi Day (WSD) – regardless of school, style, country of experience. 

そしてこの日、108回のロ(Ro)吹きにチャレンジ !
On the day, let’s challenge ourselves by playing 108 Ro !



This theme of WSD 2020 is “Blow away Covid-19 !”

We will by playing ROBUKI express condolence with victims of Covid-19, sympathy and encouragement to infected and hospitalized patients, and to dedicate a heartfelt thanks to the medical staff and hope for a solution to fight back the disease. Let’s blow 108 Ro with the spirit of bowing away this global pandemic.

今年度世界尺八デイ呼び掛け人 (アルファ順)

This year’s WSD Ambassadors in alphabetical order

Alexander,Cali; USA – student、 Anderson,Sally, UK – keen beginner、 Battaglino,Alberto, USA – Jin Nyodo kei player、 Bartholdy, Alf (慈雲軒), Germany – Itchoken player、 Blasdel, Christopher Yohmei(遙盟), SA – performer,teacher,Ethnomusicologist、 Bourke,Oisin, Ireland – Myōan Ryū player/performer、Briggs, Christian Bainn, UK – shakuhachi player and enthusiast、 Cai Hong Wen (蔡鸿文), China – Shakuhachi Teacher/Maker、 Cao Trần, Vietnam – Zensabo student、 Casano, Steven Taizen (泰然), USA – Shakuhachi performer/teacher、 Cassler, Timothy, USA – Kinko Ryū player, Chen Pei Jun(陳佩筠)(Shakuhachi Name:琰烺), China – ShakuhachiTeacher/Performer、 Chua Keng Chiu(宏秀 景 koshukeng),Tozan Ryū, jun shihan –Singapore、Codjo, Hélène Seiyu (聖優), Netherlands – teacher/performer Hijirikai (聖会)、 Curti, Horacio, Spain –KSK Shihan/teacher/performer、David, Samarpan, USA – shakuhachi beginner、 Davies, Chris Snake, UK – shakuhachi player、 Day, Kiku, Denmark – Zensabo performer and teacher、道菅 岳心(明暗教会広島支部長)、Fabrique, Martha Reika (伶花), USA – Mujuan Ryū teacher and performer、 Fantauzzo,Bobb, USA – beginner shakuhachi student、 Franklin, Jim, Germany – shihan (KSK), shakuhachi teacher, performer and composer、 French, Fuu Miyatani, Japan – Komuso, student and Ch’an Priest、Gross,Barry, USA – honkyoku player、 Hack, Thomas Ryuraku (龍楽), USA – Jin Nyodo Kei shihan and Myōan Ryū student、 萩尾 清観(玄友会門人)、 Hahn, Tomie, USA – Kinko Ryū Chikumeisha performer/teacher、 Hallaj, Syndi, Syria/Lebanon/Turkey – Kinko Ryū Chikumeisha student、Heckerman, Ed, USA – Shakuhachi player, Herriger, Dietmar Ippu (一風), Germany – Teacher/Performer, Myoan Itchoken、 部屋 心嶺(明暗尺八導主)、Hynek, Martin, Czech Republic/ China – shakuhachi student、Helou, Kyle Chōmei (調盟), Lebanon – Kinko Chikumeisha player/teacher、 生田 一心(明暗尺八導主)、 井上 柳月(玄友会会友)、 石橋聲月(明暗尺八導主)、 石井 汲芳(明暗尺八汲芳会・虚無僧研究会顧問)、 石川 利光(国際尺八研修館(KSK)常任講師)、 磯 玄明(博多一朝軒第22世)、 Jilim, Andrew, Russia – shakuhachi player,performer,composer、 Johnson, Robert, Canada – self-taught shakuhachi student、 Kademoğlu, Fakih, Turkey –shakuhachi player、 Kallen, Elliot Kanshin (勘心), USA – performer,teacher, President of the International Shakuhachi Society、 神田 可遊(尺八研究家)、 假谷 燈玄(玄友会門人)、 金澤 章竜(村岡実現代尺八自然吹奏法継承「むらいき会」代表)、 King, Emily Amadhia, USA – Kinko Ryū Chikuyusha student、 Kolon, Christopher, USA – shakuhachi player, 小菅 大徹(法身寺住職、虚無僧研究会会長)、 片山 一夫(明暗尺八忘竹会会員)、北田 箎邦(玄友会会友)、 Kreft, Klaus, Germany – Zensabo and Itchoken student、 熊田皐童(琴古流尺八指南)、 倉橋 容堂(無住庵尺八道場)、Lagrost, Jean-François Suizan (水山), France– Shin Tozan Ryū shihan, teacher and performer、  LeDesma, Michael, USA – Kinko Ryū student、 LeDesma, Lukas, USA – Kinko Ryū student、Lee, Riley Kōho (皇保), Australia – Daishihan Chikuho Ryū, KSK、 Li Qiu Le / Cain Li(李秋乐), China – Shakuhachi Performer、 Li Wen Hai / William Li(李文海), China – Shakuhachi Performer、 Lewis, April, USA – Beginning Shakuhachi student、 Lieberman-Erich, Lini, USA – Shakuhachi student、 Lienhard, Marco, Switzerland/USA –KSK shihan/teacher/performer、 Liu Chang(刘畅)(Shakuhachi Name:逸竹), China – Shakuhachi Teacher/Performer、Long, James, UK – Kinko Chikumeisha player、 Lord, Graham, USA – shakuhachi player、 Lü Kai Zhe(吕侃哲)(Shakuhachi Name:孝鸿), China – Shakuhachi Performer、MacDonald, Rob, USA – Kinko Ryu student, Maksymenko, Serhii, Kiev, Ukraine – Zensabo player and maker、 Matoušek, Vlastislav, Czech Republic –Shakuhachi player and teacher、Mie, Tom, Tilburg, Netherlands – Hijiri Kai student、 森 佳久山(都山流尺八竹林軒大師範)、 Mosko, Martin (Hakubai Daishin Osho), USA – abbot of Hakubai Temple in Boulder, MuKuTeki, 無穴笛, Denmark – ascetic player, translator & historian、 中原 玄照(明暗尺八導主)、 中岡 玄博(玄友会門人)、 中島 公二(熊谷市竹水会、滑川町あんじゅ尺八の会)、 西口 芳男(明暗尺八道友会会長)、 Nogues, Paloma, Argentina – Zensabo student、 Powell, Stephen, USA – Kinko Ryū player, Powers, Rich, USA -shakuhachi player, 小濱 明人(尺八演奏家)、 大井 幽心(明暗虚山坊同友会会長)、 Ramos, Alcvin Ryūzen (龍禅), Canada – KSK/Zensabo teacher/performer、 Rawnsley, Damon, UK – shakuhachi student、 Ribble, Daniel Ryugen (龍玄), USA/Japan –Kinko Ryū shihan and Myōan Ryū player、 Ritchie, Brian Tairaku (太楽), USA/Australia – Jin Nyodo kei shihan and Myōan Ryū student、 Riley, Sean, Quebec – Sogawa student、Rogozina,Tamara,Ukraine – Zensabo student、 Rubin, Lauren Nagaryū (永龍), USA – shakuhachi player and teacher, Rudich, Rachel, USA – KSK teacher and player、 Ruiz, Santiago, Mexico – Zensabo student, Schlefer, James Nyoraku (如楽), USA – teacher/performer Jin Nyodo kei、Sedivy, Bob Nyosui (如水), USA – teacher, performer, komuso monk、 清庵 玄心(京都明暗寺42世看首)、 関口 一清(邦楽竹灯塾主宰)、 Sgonnik, Galina, Russia – Shakuhachi aficionado、 Sherriff,Adrian, Australia – former secretary of the Australian Shakuhachi Society, performer, composer, teacher and musicologist、 重松 観翠(明暗尺八導主)、 志村 禅保(虚竹禅師奉讃会理事、竹保流尺八家)、 Stanford, Jared Genun(玄雲) New Zealand/Japan –Myōan Ryū student、Strong, Eric Napier, Canada – Myōan shakuhachi student、 Sulzbacher, Henrique Elias, Brazil – KSK teacher, performer, maker、 須藤脩鵬(根笹派錦風流尺八青森県技芸保持者)、 竹田 岱心(松山忘竹会世話人)、タナカ アキラ(吹響こむそう尺八道場指南役)、 田辺 新一 (上田流尺八道 家元補佐), 田中隆文(邦楽ジャーナル代表・編集長)、 寺田 雅信(玄友会会友)、津澤 薫 (フランス在住画家), 上村 風穴(普化風韻会会長)、 Viennot, Frederic, France/Japan – Shakuhachi student、 Wan Qiang (万强), China – Shakuhachi Maker、Wang Jin De(王錦德)(Shakuhachi Name:山城), China – Shakuhachi Teacher/Performer、 渡邉 我忘(古義普化禅宗)、 Wheeler, David Kansuke (デビッド勘輔ウィラー), USA – Kinko RyūChikuyūsha shihan/teacher/performer、 Wheeler, River, USA – Kinko Ryū Chikuyūsha、 矢頭 治(虚無僧尺八愛好者)、 山田 岳流(玄友会会友)、 山口 整萌(尺八演奏家)、 山口 秋月(製管師)、 山本 秀峰(琴古流尺八宗家竹友社師範)、 横山 雲嶺(明暗尺八奥伝)、 吉田 和秀、 吉岡 瑞保、 吉成 健一(都山流尺八), Young, Karl, USA – shakuhachi player/teacher KSK、 Zhang Ting(張聽)(Shakuhachi Name:频伽三昧), China – Shakuhachi Teacher/Performer